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Ilene Berg was founded after an exhaustive search to find a pair of fashion-forward high heeled shoes that fit properly and could be worn without causing debilitating pain.  This search left me frustrated and empty handed.  But I soon learned I wasn't alone. 

After countless conversations with family, friends, co-workers and even total strangers in shoe stores, I realized this wasn’t just my problem but a problem encountered by most women who shop for shoes today.  While there are “Sexy, Stylish” shoes available in the market and “Comfort” shoes, companies are just not combining those qualities into one product. So women are settling to either be uncomfortable or unstylish

For women who choose to wear a sexy pair of high-heeled shoes and most women do, they know at some time during their wear, their feet are going to hurt.  Yet, we still crave this fashion even though this pain means we may be exacerbating foot injuries either immediately or over years of abuse.  I was one of those women.  For the longest of time, I continued to cram my foot into stylish shoes, never thinking of the potential consequences.  Over the years, I experienced everything from blisters to toe cramping to even more permanent issues.  Now it is even more difficult to find a stylish shoe.      

  With the world focused on everything high-tech, why                            couldn’t engineers design a comfort technology for a high heeled shoe? 


Ilene Berg  has done just that – we are changing a woman’s perception of what to expect in a stylish shoe by engineering into every pair patented comfort elements that reduce impact and stress to the foot.  This invisible innovation inside gives every pair of Ilene Berg's the unheard-of comfort and style that they will instantly feel as soon as they take a step in our shoes.  We expect these will be your go-to shoe in the future.


Ilene Greenberg

CEO and Founder

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